Cat at a Christmas tree

What Christmas Trees Are Best for a Cat House? Christmas Safety For Cats

There’s not much more exciting for a cat to see the annual Christmas tree being put up.

All those shiny objects to poke a paw at, not to mention the tree that just has to be (attempted to) climbed. But an Xmas tree and its decorations poses a significant hazard to cats, and all pets.

Whether it’s tinsel (dangerous), those sharp dangling decorations, or the materials and chemicals used on both artificial and real Christmas trees – this is a risky time of year for our cats and pets.

Keeping your cat in mind when shopping for an Xmas tree, as well as for decorations, will help you avoid the most risky aspects. Then, obviously supervision is the best barrier to prevent mishaps and accidents occuring while your tree is up in the house during the festive season.

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